ahli parlimen kota belud, dato abdul rahman dahlan menjawab semua momokan spekulasi tentang kelemahan SPR yang mencetuskan idea bangang ambabiga mengumpul beruk2 merusuh di jalanraya atas nama BERSHIT...
(1) The problem is these dead people seem to rise up from the grave and voted. And despite party representatives reporting these people as being dead, the EC still refuse to remove them from the list.

I can confidently and categorically say that the EC will remove the name of the dead from the electoral roll if an official certificate of death is presented to them. No question about it. You can bring them to court and I GUARANTEE YOU WILL WIN YOUR CASE. But if the reporting by your party representative was done verbally or by presenting only Certificate of Burial from the police or by bringing a relative of the dead to vouch for the death, I am sorry, EC won't entertain you.
The EC needs official proof. Provide them with the official death certificate issued by the Registration Department. Even Certificate of Burial from the police is not enough since the EC regulation clearly states that ONLY death certificate issued by Registration Department is acceptable to EC. If you can't provide that, then yes, I am afraid you are right. The "dead" will rise from the grave and vote. And you know what? It's legal.

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