Let us look at the data these 2 are talking about
This is the Audit Report
Source here
And this is the "Anggaran" Data 2010 that was Published on 8th September 2011
And the disputed data
Refer here

But if one is to look at the 2012 Data
Source here

The inner workings of the Contingency Fund is a mystery to me from an accounting perspective.
Just look at the 2009 Balance
Source here
By Law the Contingency Fund operates like a Revolving Account refer here clarification by the Deputy Minister of Finance
Source here

Luar Jangka questions seems to be Azan Ismail favorite question in Parliament... just google it folks...  
Refer Treasury Guideline on Luar Jangka below
Source here

To be honest I don't know who made the mistake
Going back to Anwar's claim “I don’t think the Audit Department (made a mistake). They are more meticulous than that when it comes to accounting.”
What do you think folks??

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