PM says National Feedlot Corporation assets have been frozen; DPM and Agriculture Minister tasked with looking into direction of corporation - NST news alert

This is certainly a much awaited good news. We must take this opportunity to recall that the 'NFC being messy' issue was FIRST raised in the Auditor General's report which was tabled in Parliament. 

Thank you Tan Sri Amrin Buang ... for acting without fear or favor, in the best interest of Malaysia.

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Anonymous said... January 14, 2012 at 3:55 PM

Sdra Apanama,
Izin saya masuk.

Tan Sri Ambrin ,terima kasih tuan.
Kapada Team Auditor General Malaysia ,terima kasih.

Freedom from oppression.

Kapada Hhalem,Din Turtle, dan mentormentor saya, terima kasih.

arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.