#FGV Needs New CEO... Sabri Ahmad Paid For Nothing! - @NajibRazak

Why Felda Global Ventures (FGV) needs a new CEO?

* The answers lies on the outgoing CEO Tan Sri Dato Sabri Ahmad.What has he done during those 3 years in Felda? Nothing except FGV IPO listing which creates a lot of dissatisfactions to the settlers,the staff of Felda and most important the public.

* 2012 FGV performance was well below target/budget.

* Felda Plantation,now known as Felda Global Ventures Plantations performance was well below target/budget due to 29 experienced planters that were removed.

* FGV's downstream company i.e Delima Oil Product introduced so many new useless products in the market e.g Saji Mee,Saji Mayonaise,Sun Bear Peanut Butter etc and all these products failed to penetrate the market.All product end up as "return" for write-off (warehouse in Pasir Gudang is full of these "return" goods).Luckily came PRU13 and all these "return" products end up as "door gift".

All those millions RM (RM10 millions) spent on Promotions and Advertisement doesn't bring any benefits to Delima Oil but said to only benefited the CEO (Delima Oil) and his freindly boss TSS.It was said that many unnecessary trips and promotions was organised overseas where TSS's wife will always be included in the entourage with fully paid expenses.If its true then MACC should investigate on this matter for any "wrongdoings" (if any).No wonder Delima Oil's CEO got two promotions in a year.Delima Oil profit for the year 2012 was RM7 million only.

* Due to high expenses.it was very easy to hide all those ridiculous expenses in order to bring TSS's hardcore followers from Golden Hope e.g Fairuz,Alberto and Denise to ensure all his agendas can go through.Fairuz who holds only Diploma was quickly promoted to Executive Vice President.No wonder their cost of CPO production is one of the highest in Malaysia.

* Beside local TSS has also lined up his personal agenda overseas e.g Myanmar.He refused to utilise Felda's Special Rep to Myanmar who has more than 15 years experience on Myanmar to ensure TSS's close buddy Delima CEO's agenda could go ahead.TSS appointed Grand Wynn as FGV's partner and representative in Myamar.This company who is an agent for Delima's cooking oil is not even a member of Myamar Edible Oil Association (MEOMA) neither a permit holder for cooking oil importation.No wonder sale to Myamar was NIL for the bulk cooking oil this year and yet they declared high sale to Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) in a recent seminar in Kuala Lumpur.

* Last year,Delima sold more than 10,000 tons of bulk cooking oil to Grand Wynn and partner (the permit holder) at a LOSS due to "special discount" given whilst Grand Wynn unscrupulously made tons of money to be split between T**,Z*****, and N*** in cash and in kind (diamond for the lady in the house).Who's that lady?