I got your details from SOMOIL online directory and having been
motivated by your personal status, I decided to approach you for a
possible partnership in a multi-million dollar project in crude oil
trading. The company I work for is SOMOIL which is a government approved
agent of MIRREMPET (ANGOLA MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM) with Liaison office in
Johannesburg, South Africa. We have an urgent need for 2 million barrels
of Crude Oil per month for 12 months (1 year) from MIRREMPET.

As the son of one of the Founders of my Company and an Executive
Administrator, I'm directly in charge of crude oil purchase in our
company. Also, I have the responsibility of looking for a crude oil
licensed agent for MIRREMPET, in order to make this business possible.
This is so because MIRREMPET does not sell their product directly to
end-buyers, but through their approved licensed agents who acts as their
sales agent/middleman - between them and their buyers.

My proposal is this, that we (me and you) work together to get the
MIRREMPET license in your name or that of your Company, which will
authorize you to be a Licensed agent for purposes of getting the oil
from MIRREMPET and releasing same to my Company, SOMOIL. The
allocation of Crude Oil to you or your company gives us the privilege to
operate as the first lifter of the crude oil from the block. This
attracts a USD$4.00 discount per barrel to us. The USD$4.00 is our
(lifter) entitlement from MIRREMPET. Also selling to my company entitles
us to USD$2.00 commission per barrel. In other words, we shall be making
a minimum of USD$6.00 per barrel.

As we are going to be lifting 2 Million barrels per a month from the
block, The USD$4.00 discount from block sums up to USD$8 Million per a
month, and the USD$2.00 from my company comes to USD$4 Million per a
month. This will make a total of USD$12 Million gross earning/income to
us per transaction per month. On equity sharing ratio, both of us will
be netting a total USD$12 Million as profits monthly. These proceeds
(commission) will be shared on an equity basis of 40% to you and 60% to
me. The reason for this is because I need to get a Sponsor to assist me
and also the people that will help us get the License will have to be
taken care of.
I will assist you step by step in the process leading to securing the
Oil license from MIRREMPET and thereafter introduce you to our company
for the signing of all the sales agreements with my Company or any other
Company that might be the end buyer. Once this is acceptable to you, I
shall involve an Attorney who is well versed in the Oil and Gas industry
to assist us with the relevant documentation and give the transaction
the legal backing it deserves as I do not want us to go against any law
in any way. More so, I do not want to tarnish my image in any way, as I
shall be retiring very soon.

PLEASE NOTE: My intentions to profit from this operation should be kept
CONFIDENTIAL between the two of us. It is against my work ethics to
profit from my company's dealing with MIRREMPET but I have seen this as
a good opportunity for me to save enough money against my retirement
hence my decision to source for a partner who can work with me in this
regard, as our retirement benefit is nothing to write home about.

Please get back to me URGENTLY to enable us commence the process.

Best Regards,
Engr. Manuel David
Executive Administrator
Somoil – Sociedade Petrolífera Angolana SA.