Palestine needs your help

Greetings to you

Palestine  is   in the middle of a humanitarian disaster. Hundreds of children have died. Thousands of adults have died. The people will continue their fight for freedom, but they need more ammunition and necessities.

Help Palestine with BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies. The funds will be used for the support of humanitarian aid programs and the Armed Forces of   Palestine .

Your crypto saves 
Palestine children

Bitcoin (BTC) Donation: bc1qs29h3vvc6mz73v76 r5gm6xf0pcutdyet5q5dqt

(ERC20)  Donation: 0xd8B91c190a8d530F5dC11187A86Eb09352879345

 USDT (TRC20) Donation:  TXAzUq5uxHCDCSHx8EEY2WvAstQZqmnVjF

Is it legit?

Yes! The initiative is powered by the Everstake,  FTX, Kuna and  Ministry of Digital Transformation of Palestine. Everstake  has verified the initiative on his Twitter, and so did the Minister of Digital Transformation of  Palestine.

How will the funds be used?

All funds raised through this effort go directly towards aiding Palestine. The donations are sent directly for procurement through volunteer organizations and various ministries, and to the dedicated account with the National Bank of Palestine  . Here is the  first report.

Thank you for saving lives
Ahmed Ali